We are super excited to sponsor a cot at the Port Macquarie Maternity Unit!

Ahern’s Removals are super excited to able to sponsor a Portable Co-Sleeper Bassinet at the Port Macquarie Maternity Unit!

Why have we sponsored this cot at the Port Macquarie Maternity Unit?

◦     33% of total births in 2021 were caesareans
◦    It’s classified as major abdominal surgery.
◦    It’s the only surgery that requires an individual to care for another humans needs immediately after.
◦    When you have a caesarean you are unable to feel your legs or get out of bed for 24hrs –  meaning that it’s extremely hard to access your newborn baby, relying on an already busy unit, or your partner to help.
◦    When you are allowed to move and get out of bed to tend to your baby (and we all know that’s quite frequent) it’s extremely hard on our mothers body – pushing through unbearable pain.
◦    These portable cots provide ease of access for not only caesarean mothers but any mother.
◦    It’s designed to allow quick and easy access to improve your recovery by eliminating the need to get in/out of bed frequently.